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03 August 2010 @ 10:36 pm
ye old scandal.  
what will heechul do now?

let me remind you of the mithchul scandal :D
this was in June 2009. I'm pretty sure half of you have never watched this. It's chinese subbed, but for fun, I translated it into English. Despite knowing both Korean and Chinese, awkward translations are awkward, so sorry for that.

also, i can't for the life of me remember the hosts' names. i know one of them was convicted for illegal gambling earlier this year. but i digress.

Anon: Someone said that he saw Mithra and Heechul on Cheongge Mountain, holding hands while playing games. Witnesses started appearing, saying "I saw Kim Heechul and Mithra dating, I saw them together". They look like a match made in heaven, maybe that's how the rumours started.
Yeah, it would be nice if they dated.

Host: Special news. Apparently Mithra Jin and Superjunior member Kim Hu- Kim Heechul -haha, I'm too shocked- are dating. Is this true? Let's find out.

Boom: I heard that they've broken up for a while. For about a month?

Host: I heard they broke up and reconciled.

Boom: I hope you'll be honest.

Mithra: ...

To be honest, it's understandable why this kind of rumours surface.

Boom: Tell the truth to the nation.

Host: What made you fall for Heechul?

! .. We're- we're not dating! Why do I feel embarrassed saying this? We're not dating!

Host: The movie that you connect to the most is Brokeback Mountain?

Tablo: From what I see, the reason that these rumours surface is because Mithra lies to the Epik high members when he meets up with Heechul. Mithra has a girlfriend, right? He lies to his girlfriend too, when he meets Kim Heechul.

Host: This situation is a bit overboard.

Host: Where is the main secret meeting place for you?

Mithra: That's not it. It's just that at dawn...

Host: Dawn! Doing what? What do you want to do?

Because the both of us don't have many friends. Isn't Heechul from the Kangwon province? So he doesn't have many friends. I don't like meeting other people, so I don't have many friends either. It just naturally became the two of us.

Host: Then when do you meet your girlfriend?

Mithra: When I'm not meeting Heechul? :D

I really hope your relationship will flourish. Even during the Dream concert a while back, when introducing Epik High -Heechul was the MC- when introducing Epik High, the script wasn't like that, (but Heechul said) "Breakdown! Epik High! My friend, Mithra!"

I was beside him at that time. There was no such thing in the script. When Mithra goes on stage, Heechul would not get down from the MC stage and stare at Mithra.

Host: It was a promise between the both of you right?

Tablo: We were annoyed, because we're really close with Heechul too.

Host: You wished that he shouted out your name too.

Host: Okay, finally. To your beloved Heechul... Say a few words to Heechul. We'll play music.

Mithra: I'll go to the hospital (to visit you) a few days later. (*explaining*)Kim Heechul's leg is now-

Host: You don't have to explain to us. He hurt his leg?

Mithra: He's in the hospital.

Tablo: You're going alone? We're close to him too!

Host: This is a broadcast, so please watch your words.

Mithra: I'll go see you soon. Sorry that I couldn't play with you these few days. I have many schedules these days, even though I don't want it. Anyway, I'll visit you soon. See you then.

Tablo: Why should we have schedules? Because of our Epik high activities, we've hindered Mithra from meeting up with Heechul, so sorry for that.
xiaoningerxiaoninger on August 15th, 2010 12:28 am (UTC)

also, apologies for appearing out of nowhere