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11 June 2010 @ 01:08 am
fanfic: I'll be in the air  
Title: I’ll be in the air
Characters: Tablo/Hyukjae
Author: elliebear128 (formerly elmersglue128)
Rating: NC-17 (explicit sexuality, language)
Length: one-shot
Words: 4,694
Dedicated: to [info]slarya (Happy Birthday, darling~ ), [info]madelyn93 (Happy month-early Birthday! B/c it's my last, here's to you too, bb~)
Summary: [college!verse] Hyukjae is an freshman international student at an American university and Tablo is the senior he keeps conveniently bumping into on campus until they both can't stay away.
Notes: My last blohyuk fic T_T  Excuse the typos/badgrammar/not-remembering-how-to-write-blohyuk @_@

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